1-12 -15 Ethan Miller – PPJ

Most of my time this week was spent planning the next stage of the motion graphics sequence, contacting an illustrator for additional 2D assets and putting together the first 3D Animatic. I’m still waiting on a fair amount of footage but this first cut has already been helpful in its current state. Additionally, I wrote a few minor script revisions to address feedback from our end of term critique.


  • What I did- gathered playblasts from several animators  and began to fill them into the current Animatic cut. Tweaked audio and overall timing to match footage where needed and updated new footage with shot names and frame numbers. Changed overall FPS from 30 to 24 across the board. Cleaned up shot titles and labels.
  • Good – Now that I can see some things in motion I’m able to get a much clearer view on the actions of each shot and have been able to hone in on our timing. Moving forward into next week I’ll have additional feedback for the animators about shot length that I wouldn’t have been able to glean from storyboards.
  • Bad- the current effect I’m using for shot name and counter isn’t too friendly on scaling which has been going haywire due to the different qualities of playblasts. Moving forward I’ll have to institute new standards for playblasts to prevent the discrepancies in picture quality and format between animators.
  • Hours Spent – 7

Script Revisions

  • What I did – Minor Script Revisions
  • Good- lake’s camp has been squared away pending minor dialogue tweaks. Scene builds much more effectively.
  • Bad- Airplane still needs to be tackled, city reveal needs more punch. Will experiment with editing the Animatic.
  • Hours Spent- 2

Coordinating with Illustrator

  • What I did- Recruited an illustrator to assist with notebook, motion graphics and mountain-monster design.
  • Good- Freeing up David from further 2D work allows him to focus more on animating and will help give the motion graphics sequence an extra bump.
  • Bad- Need to make sure we’re not putting anything essential at risk by relying on outside help, have to make sure we have backups just in case
  • Illustrator pulls out for whatever reason
  • Hours Spent- 1
  • SAMPLES – shoggoths

Total Hours – 10