1-12 -15 Valentina Feldman – PPJ

Task #1: Quarter Scheduling

I met with the team earlier this week to discuss how we’re going to tackle this quarter. Now that we’re in full blown production, we need to really be conscious of our due dates and workload, to ensure that the project is completed on time. We decided to split the remaining animation and environment detailing into 4-week sprints, after which we will continuously polish, re-render, and composite everything. Our current sprint ends on February 1st, and includes all animation and environment work for the Interior Tower scenes. After the meetings I spent several hours putting together task lists, schedules, and plans for the next five weeks. Please refer to our trello board for details!

  • Positive Stuff:  We are all comfortable with this schedule — luckily, several members of our team are part-time this quarter and can dedicate a lot of time to the project!
  • Problems / issues: It’s gonna be tough, but we’ll survive.

Hours: 5

Task #2: Hair & Fur Attempts

This task was hampered by the fact that I spent half of the time trying to troubleshoot it on my cell phone during a family Christmas dinner. I imported the hair into Anthony’s rigs, but he ran into some issues because the eyebrow geo-caps didn’t completely match the face mesh. He ended up generating his own eyebrows on duplicated faces from the model. The geo-cap for Dyer’s mustache also mysteriously disappeared, and Danforth’s hair has a large bald spot, so I’ll have to fix those. as well.

  • Positive Stuff: He got some fur working with the rigs eventually! Just have to fix up the visuals and we’re good to go.
  • Problems / issues: Dyer’s hair also ended up slowing the rigs down a lot, but it’s really dense so that makes sense. It probably just needs some proxy geometry so the viewport doesn’t crash.

Hours: 5

Task #2: Clothes Texturing

I began texturing Dave’s new clothing models today, but I wasn’t able to finish them before heading home. They’ll absolutely be done for our Wednesday meeting with Nick!

  • Positive Stuff: They’re starting to look pretty swanky! Plus, I’ll be done with them right when Anthony’s done rigging the faces.
  • Problems / issues: The UVs are a little compressed, but that’s not hard to fix at all. 🙂

Hours: 6


Before the end of the term, I’d like to have the following completed:

  1. Finished Clothing (to anthony)
  2. Fix hair / mustache (to anthony)
  3. sketch silhouettes for city (to josh)