1-19-15 Valentina Feldman – PPJ

Task #1: Character Texturing v01

This week I finished texturing version one of Danforth’s textures! I rendered out a turntable for review, and next week I’ll continue with it.

  • Positive Stuff:  It’s a good starting point! I like the materials and
  • Problems / issues: Whelp, a bunch of things…
    • We determined after I textured Danforth’s clothes that we’re going to need more detailed models. Next week I’ll be testing them in Marvelous Designer, but then I’ll have to redo the textures. Oh well!
    • I’m noticing some texture warping on his sides; that’ll be fixed in the next version though.
    • Josh is going to help with the fluffy shaders for his hat and the top of the aviator jacket.
    • The specular hits are too hot — probably needs a fresnel node and lower gloss.

Hours: 10

Task #2: Mustache Mania 

I re-made mustache and got it to actually fit on his head! This involved a decent bit of troubleshooting, because (for some reason) the pfx hair stopped updating with my dynamic curve adjustments.  Now Anthony has all the hair elements he needs to finish Dyer’s facial rig. I did the same for Danforth’s hair (now he doesn’t have a massive bald spot).

  • Positive Stuff: It appears to be working so far!
  • Problems / issues: None at the moment!

Hours: 5

Task #3: Various meetings and troubleshooting

This week involved a lot of planning and troubleshooting — for character clothing design, rigging issues, environment design, storyboard revisions, animatic planning, etc. While it wasn’t a task in its own right, it took up a large chunk of time and we reached consensus on a lot of pressing topics.

  • Positive Stuff: We now have a finished story for ELC and ILT, a 3-panel animatic in the works, a plan to use marvelous designer for our clothing, a potential solution for Dyer’s face weight problem, and more!
  • Problems / issues: Nada!

Hours: 4


Before the end of the term, I’d like to have the following completed:

  1. MD jacket test
  2. Textures for Interior Tower
  3. Render Prep