Team Progress Summary: 1/19/15



The first official week back was a very productive one! We worked together to solve a few of our outstanding issues from break, including the storyboards and shot planning for the Exterior Lake’s Camp and Interior Lake’s Tent scenes. This version allows for more breathing room between highly emotional moments.

The new version of our animatic has three panels, to show our progression from Storyboards to Reference Footage and Animation. We’re focusing on the Interior Tower scene for this sprint, so our animators are working hard to finish blocking and splining all the shots. Anthony has just about solved the issue with Dyer’s face weights and Val finished the mustache, so the facial rigs are almost done too! All in all, we’re well on our way to completing this sprint on time.

Val textured the first pass of clothing for Dyer and Danforth, but we afterwards decided that the models needed higher fidelity modeling and details. Val and Ethan will be testing clothing design in Marvelous Designer this week. Josh has also made progress with the modeling for the Interior Tower scene, redoing the floors and adding additional detail.

This week we’ll also be getting the first round of assets from our new illustrator, Isaias. We’re excited to plug them into our WIP intro motion graphics scene!

For more information on our schedule and tasks for this quarter, please refer to our Trello board!