1-25-2015 Anthony Meyers -PPJ

Rigging Dyers FacedyerFace

This week I finished up rigging dyers face.  I ran into no errors when rigging his face. His face was straight forward to rig but very time consuming and tedious. Gabe did come across an issue with danforths rig, luckily I was able to fix the issue fast.

Pros: Finished facial rigging! ( until an issue appears)

Cons: none

Hours: 22


I decided to help create a first draft of the clothing in marvelous designer . Compared to modeling in Maya, it did not take too long to create the clothing.  This week I am going to work with val and whoever else in creating the clothing.

Pros: Marvelous designer is awesome

Cons:  A lot needs to be done to finish the clothing.

Hours: 6

For next week:

: Rigging the shoggoth

: Help with clothing