1-26-15 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week I dedicated the majority of my time to tasks that will help streamline the process moving forward as well as converting the three panel animatic to a four panel one. Additionally I found a new solution for our shot counters and IDS and met/brainstormed with the illustrator to come up with solutions to several of our 2D elements.


-What I did: I converted the three panel animatic to a four panel animatic to include facial reference for the animators. I also cleaned up the audio and remastered the levels.

-Good: Audio sounds much better, foot steps sit in the background where needed and voices come to the fore front. The four panels also really show off just how much we’ve done and should make critiques more efficient once dialogue starts to roll in.

-Bad: Need to finish brute forcing the shot IDs and titles into place. Will be wrapped up by Tuesday.

Hours Spent: 5



-What I did: Met with the illustrator, brain stormed look and feel for rest of unfinished motion graphics shots, the sigil in lake’s notebook, statue concepts and final monster design.

-Good: We actually have a solid and terrifying base for the mountain monster and the sigil now, look will be developed over the week

-Bad: none

Hours Spent: 3

Auxiliary Tasks

-What I did: Organized reference audio footage for animators before moving into dialogue. Partially filled in shot ID and frame numbers in project spreadsheet

-Good: Audio reference should prove useful

-bad: Still more to go in regards to shot IDS

Hours Spent: 3