1-26-PPJ Valentina Feldman

Task #1: Project Management Whatnots

(See Team Summary for images)

I spent a lot of time this week updating our gantt chart and trello boards

  • Positive Stuff:  The new gantt site automatically converts every card in our board into a gantt timeline and updates in real time. It’s so convenient! I still think that the gantt chart is redundant with our trello workflow, so I’m really glad there’s an easy way to meet that requirement now without sacrificing my time.
  • Problems / issues: Right now everything is in order, but i’ll need to remember to add a definite start and end date to every trello card I make from here on out.

Hours: 8

Task #2: Meetings (editing, illustration, general) 

In addition to our usual faculty meeting and my one-on-one check up conversations, I met with the team twice this week. First I met with Dave and Ethan to go over editing the new storyboards, and then I met with Ethan, Josh and Isaias to divvy up the 2D illustration work. Meeting with Isaias was awesome, he has a lot of talent and drive and is very excited about being part of the team!

  • Positive Stuff: We now have a schedule for illustration to be delivered, the animatic is up to date with our latest storyboards, and all is well.
  • Problems / issues: None at all! I’m lucky to have such a passionate and hardworking team.

Hours: 6

Task #3: Stone Texturing

I probably spent more time on this than I should have (because I kept revising my work over and over, but this week I started on the textures for the Interior Tower stone. The stone is a repeating tile texture based loosely on granite. Josh said he wanted a hand-painted quality, so I painted the bump maps by hand and set the diffuse to a high-noise rock texture. The result is pretty nice!

  • Positive Stuff: We now have a finished story for ELC and ILT, a 3-panel animatic in the works, a plan to use marvelous designer for our clothing, a potential solution for Dyer’s face weight problem, and more!
  • Problems / issues: Still needs a few more variations, plus green soapstone inlays for the hieroglyphic tiles.

Hours: 4


Before my next PPJ, I’d like to have the following completed:

  1. Redone Shot List
  2. New Clothing Solution
  3. Finished IT Textures
  4. Textured Shoggoth