1/26 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

So I did a lot of animating this week, but there isn’t much to actually talk about so I apologize for my short post!  I’ve got about 30 seconds of animation to do for this sprint and I got about 10 seconds of that done this weekend.  I’m not going to call it “done done” but its at the level where’d I’d be happy with calling it done if I don’t have time to give it one more level of polish.  I did spent all my time polishing it from the body to the face and while I’d like to spend as much time as I spent this weekend, again, tweaking it in the graph editor I need to call it done for now and continue with my next shots.  My plan is to get all my stuff to the quality of the shot I did this week and then use whatever time is left to really polish the most important shots (ex: Danforth going crazy.)

Pros: I made good progress and I’m really proud of my work.

Cons: It still doesn’t look like I’ve even made a dent in my pile of animation.

Hours: 20