Team Progress Summary: 1/26/15



This week, we’ve made some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to our project management system! Val found this nifty app called “ganttify” that integrates our trello cards with a Gantt chart. We also have a new background image for our Trello board, courtesy of Josh’s first awesome lighting tests!

As you might notice in the screenshot above, our “done” list is missing and there are many many many more cards up there. That’s because Val went a little slaphappy with the project planning and assigned tasks through our second sprint, which is set to end in early March. We now have a much clearer idea of what needs to be accomplished by when in order to stay on track to finish. Yay!

To bring it back to the present, this week saw some great progress all around! Anthony is now finished rigging Dyer (except for his mustache, which is still causing problems), and even completed a clothing test in Marvelous Designer. We’re going to meet on Wednesday to determine what system will work best for our animation, but it’s looking really good so far. Pat finished modeling the shoggoth and will be passing it over to Val for texturing next week, and Josh finished modeling the Interior Tower environment and jumped into lighting. He also set up directory guidelines for the animators and optimized the rendering for our environment.

Val worked on textures for the Interior Tower scene, and Ethan revised the four-panel animatic (now with facial reference). Before we meet with Nick this week, we intend to redo the shot list to bring it up to date. We also met with Isaias, the newest member of our team and a very talented illustrator. We discussed our goals and visual style in great depth, and set up a schedule for completing all the necessary 2D assets.

For more information on our schedule and tasks for this quarter, please refer to our Trello board! 

And finally, our rough idea for a senior show poster: