Gabriel Valdivia PPJ 2/2/15

This week is going to be a similar post to last week.  I animated for the entire week, again.  I worked on getting another 5 of my 8 shots polished.  I finished one shot which was about 7 seconds of animation.  I also got 4 other shots almost finished and those equal about 15-20 seconds of animation.  All in all it was a super productive week but I couldn’t quite get everything done by tonight like I had hoped.  I learned we have a week of leeway for this sprint though so I’ll be putting all the final bells and whistles on everything this week and then moving on to another scene the week after!  I also hope to be able to add one more round of polish to what I’m calling my big big shot for this sprint, this week.  As of right now I have about 20 seconds of animation that I can call done and by the end of tomorrow I’ll have about 30 seconds I can call done and then by the end of the week I’ll have my entire 40-ish seconds for this sprint finished.

Hours: 25