2-2-PPJ David Maguire

Another solid week of a lot of animating and not too much else. Everything is fairly smooth sailing.


  • Summary: Spent a lot more time animating. A few more shots need just a little more polish before the end of the sprint, but we can do it. Gabe and Pat and I also spent a few hours together doing a deep critique of each others’ work. I wish we’d done it sooner, as we got great stuff and unfortunately some of it required some rather involved changes.
  • Positives: Looks great, almost done!
  • Negatives: Exhausted!
  • Hours: 25

Clothing Meeting

  • Summary: We all got together and went over our options with clothing. Anthony was able to demonstrate pretty much right in front of us the power of Marvelous Designer, and easily convinced us that was the route to take.
  • Positives: Solid plan for clothes in place, using a fast and iterative system
  • Negatives: Means going backwards before going forwards
  • Hours: 1.5


  1. Finish interior tower shots
  2. Help Anthony/Val finish up the costumes as needed
  3. Begin Sprint 2 animation!