Team Progress Summary: 2/02/15



This week was just as successful as ever! We began our progress with a clothing design meeting, during which Anthony used Ethan’s laptop to give us a real time Marvelous Designer demo. Every member of the team was able to give live feedback on the clothing sims while Anthony manned the wheel, and we were able to quickly address clothing problems and get the models to a workable state in no time. Anthony attached them to the character rigs, and now the characters are just about ready for the farm!  (Well, almost. The mustache is still an issue.)

Now that the clothing models are finished, Val’s been texturing them (again) and setting up the texture reference system for the characters. After a lot of troubleshooting with the directory, Val and Josh determined that textures would need to be linked via absolute paths on the digm_anfx. Val finished the Interior Tower stone textures (sans hieroglyphics) for Josh, who applied shaders to the scene. It’s coming together really nicely!

And, as always, the animators keep animating. We have some really nice shots of facial animation that will be included in this week’s animatic. Ethan updated the shot list with our most current information, and this Wednesday we plan on having an intensive animation critique before our first pass of rendering.