2-2-15 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week revolved around finalizing the animatic template so I can move onto environmental modeling for the next sprint.


What I did- Finished brute forcing all of the shot ID’s in place using free-floating tiles smart-linked to the weekly updated shot files. Organized four panel animatic to properly fit shot counters and IDs. Adjusted audio, retimed pivotal moments for maximum impact.

Pros- Animatic can now be updated simply by dragging it to the desktop, dropping in the new files and rendering.

Cons- None.

Hours spent- 5

Shot list

What I did- Restructured shot list to contain revised lake’s tent and filled in all of the new frame counts and shot IDs.

Pros- We now have a comprehensive list of all the shots and how long they need to be. Good reference for animators

Cons- We need to reintegrate thumbnails as our previous way of combining thumbnails within google drive fell apart when additional shots were added.

Hours Spent- 4