2-9-15 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

Note- I’ll be updating this tomorrow with stills and the HD video

What I did- This week I focused primarily on modeling. I rebuilt the airplane from more or less scratch based off of new reference of Fokker Engines and to get better topology.  I’m also in the progress of renovating the plane interior, I’ll have updates on that tomorrow! I also spoke with our composer on the phone and discussed musical themes and cues.


Good- Plane is modeled and looking good!
Bad- Still have to texture it, but I should be getting that done before it’s assigned for week 7.

Hours spent- 9

Airplane TurnTable- https://vimeo.com/119099207

What I’m going to do- I’m going ham on environmental design this week and focusing primarily on UVing and texturing the Airplane and finishing the Airplane interior. I will also get a first cut of the new motion graphics together.