Team Progress Summary: 2/09/2015

winterTrello_week05 winterGantt_week05

At this week’s meeting we realized that we had fallen about a week behind schedule, and had a big discussion to determine our schedule for the end of the sprint. We decided to fall back on one of our two buffer weeks for this term and delay rendering for one more week to polish the characters and environments. Dave, Gabe and Pat spent the week polishing their shots for rendering. Anthony and Josh fixed Dyer’s mustache, Anthony worked on the Shoggoth rig, and Josh prepped everything for rendering and worked on the environment, character shaders and Isaias’s hieroglyphics. Val spent the week texturing and fixing the characters’ clothes, hair, eyebrows and textures, and coming up with ideas to “weather proof” them in the exterior scenes. Ethan modeled the airplane (our first deliverable for Sprint #2!), updated the animatic again, and began working on the environment for our interior plane sequence.

This week we’re going to finish all of our Sprint #1 rendering, The animators will be working on Sprint #2, and Val will be planning out the tasks for the next sprint so she actually knows what’s going on from now on! Woohoo!