2/9/15 Gabriel Valdivia PPJ

Goal for this past week:

Get all my shots for our interior tower scene to a first level of polish and pass those shots off to the rest of the team to start render testing and an initial render pass.

What I got done:

I was in charge of IT 010, 020, 060, 080, 090, 180 (180-200), and 300 and I was able to get all these shots handed off by our February 6th deadline.  They are at a level of polish that I would consider done (minus a few tweaks to make sure they all work in sync).


I am happy with most of what I got done, and I was slightly disorganized during this first sprint so things weren’t going as smoothly as I had hoped.  I still got my shots ‘done for now’ and luckily we have almost 2 weeks of wiggle room to go back and do another layer of polish.  I initially thought we were going to use one of our wiggle weeks now but after meeting with the team we decided to move onto the next chunk of our animation and then save final polish for the end of the term.

Hours: 17

What I plan to get done throughout the next week:

If anything needs to be immediately tweaked from the previous sprint I’ll make sure those get done first.  Other than that I plan on getting two-three shots from the next sprint roughed in and ready for crit from Dave Mauriello and the rest of the team/ Nick.