2-8-PPJ David Maguire

Tasks for the week: Complete animation for the interior temple sprint.

What got done this week:

Animation for the interior temple sprint was finished (excluding the shoggoth, still waiting on the rig). It was mostly a matter of refining shots this week, thank goodness. The plan is to revisit these shots whenever we have time down the road, but they’re complete enough to render as is. Shots completed were IT050, IT130, IT140/150, IT310, and IT320.

  • Positives: Everything go tdone adn uplaoding through VPN for rendering!
  • Negatives: There will always be things that I need to polish, and things that I want to polish. Hopefully I can get back to these.
  • Hours: 23

Next week:
1. Rough blocking of all of my sprint 2 shots