2-15-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

Splining the bodies of Dyer and Danforth for IA010, IA020, and IA030 to rough polish.

What got done: 

  • The three shots mentioned previously are now fully splined and ready for polish. I had a surprising amount of trouble with the second shot, but I think I have it at a place where it works.
  • Several discrepancies in naming conventions/reference paths arose this week and have all been address so rendering can continue smoothly.

Next Week: 

  • Spline the rest of my shots for this sprint (IA040, EAC050, ET10, IAE020, IAE030)
  • Put the shoggoth arm into one of the interior temple scenes to stress test the rig

Hours: 13

  • Get any illustrations to Josh and Ethan that they need for the URBN displays

Hours: 16