2-15-15 Gabriel Valdivia PPJ

Goal for this past week:

I wanted to get 2-3 shots roughed in for this week.

What I got done:

I got EAC 070 and ET 020 splined and ready for crit.  I was hoping to do a bit more than I initially planned to because I thought I was going to have some extra time this weekend but I ended up having to take my girlfriend to urgent care.  I still have work to show for this week though!


On top of my weekend trip to the doctor I also struggled with some laptop issues this week where my computer crashed a couple times and files were getting corrupt.  I think I have that under control though and it was after all that when I finally made progress this week.  Also, my sprint 2 to-do list is fairly small because the majority of the rest of my shots are in the camp/ tent scene (sprint 3).  Since I have a fairly small sprint 2 I plan on being able to get all my shots to a rough polish with about another 1.5 weeks of work.  I need to shift gears for the upcoming week though since we are going to be blocking in the rest of our film before doing anymore rough animation but I’m really comfortable with where we are sitting with everything.

Hours: 10

What I plan to get done throughout the next week:

I will be getting half of my remaining shots blocked in for next week (I believe that’s about 6-7 shots.)  Ideally I’d like to get everything blocked from our camp and tent scene but I know I’ll at least be able to get half of it done.  I also am going to be throwing final details on the Elder Thing model I made a few months ago so that can be passed on to the rest of the team.  Oh! And I have some referencing problems that I need to fix for Josh.  Busy week ahead! (but arn’t they all?)