Team Progress Summary: 2/16/2015


Click to view Gantt Chart / Trello Board! It’s always great to see the active task lists growing smaller, but Val’s going to have updated sprint planning done for our Wednesday weekly. We’ve decided to re-order our sprints slightly and compress our animation goals — now we want the entire film blocked and 2/3rds polished by the end of this quarter, so next quarter can be used entirely for polishing, rendering and compositing. The new schedule is pushing the animators pretty hard, but they’ve decided that they’re up for the challenge!

Josh worked on rendering our Interior Tower shots this week, which are coming out gorgeously. We’re very excited to get the sequence done! Dyer and Danforth look great, but we decided that Dyer’s clothing jacket needs to be redone with higher mesh detail. Anthony sent Josh clothing files with more wrinkles, and Josh determined that they can be wrap deformed onto the mesh with few problems. Val will be re-texturing Dyer’s clothing and texturing the Shoggoth this coming week. Anthony has been rigging The Shoggoth, getting us on track to animate and re-render the spooky spooky Interior Tower scenes.

Moving forward, Ethan began to texture the airplane and recut the trailer edit to be shorter. Pat, Gabe and Dave have started blocking in the rest of the shots, and by the end of Week 2 we’ll have everything blocked in and ready for polish. Josh will be starting with the Sprint 2 environments once the IT shots are rendered, and Val will begin painting sky maps. In 2 weeks, our animatic cut will have no more storyboard frames. We’ll have to keep giving it our all, but we’re still confident that we’ll finish on time!