2-15-15 Valentina Feldman PPJ

What I said I’d do last week: 

  1. Revisit Texturing as needed
  2. Help Josh render everything!
  3. Plan Sprint 2
  4. Texture Shoggoth

What I actually did:

This week I stepped back a little from full-blown production work. My 40-ish hour SPROJ-fest last week left me REALLY behind with my freelance work, which is necessary because that’s how I pay my tuition. I already missed registration because of owing Drexel money and spent a lot of this week negotiating my way out of a Financial Hold, so in a roundabout way, my contribution to Senior Project this week was ensuring that the project still has a producer.  I decided to table most of my SPROJ work and make this coming Tuesday an all-encompassing Senior Project work day. I still intend to get all my work done for our Wednesday meeting with Nick, on my honor as a DIGM.

Josh did all the rendering without my help because he’s a magical human being. I also talked to Anthony and Josh about revisiting the clothing to include more wrinkles and poofy details. I shuffled Trello cards around a bit and made sure everyone else had tasks for this week, planned a bit further into Sprint 2, and didn’t touch the Shoggoth once. Again, Tuesday will be Shoggyday.

Hours: 5

Including efforts to remain enrolled at Drexel: 25