3-1-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Block in the shots for sprint three (all interior and exterior camp shots)
  • Get any illustrations to Josh and Ethan that they need for the URBN displays
  • Use any extra time to keep refining sprint two

What happened: 

  • Spent a bunch of time working on blocking in the new tent scene. Not quite done but almost there, I think I can get done by our meeting on Wednesday. I keep having problems with the rigs making my machine chug, so I’ve had to revert to older versions of the rig (thankfully Gabe still had them lying around). Hopefully things will go a little smoother without fighting performance issues. (17 hours)
  • I worked with Josh a bunch to prepare an illustration of the characters for our movie poster that will go up on the wall. I posed them in 3D, and then using that created a vector piece of the two of them to be composited on top of the rest of the poster. I haven’t used Illsutrator in a long time, so it took me far longer than i think it should have. Really happy with how the characters turned out, though, and I can’t wait to see how Josh and Ethan integrate them into the rest of the poster. I’ve also uploaded hi-res versions of some of our mood-boards and concept art, so we can print them in the morning. (6 hours)


  • Ran short on time this week, so I didn’t end up getting any more refinement done one sprint two, but that’s alright since this week’s focus was the wall display and blocking sprint three. (0 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Finish refinement of my sprint two shots
  • Add the tentacle to the appropriate sprint one shots

Total Hours: 23