3-1 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I set out to do this week:

I wanted to get all my tent scenes blocked in and spline at least two of my other shots.

What I got done this week:

I didn’t quite finish blocking in my camp scenes because we noticed some layout problems that needed to be fixed before I could finish blocking BUT those will be done by tomorrow.  I didn’t let it hold me back though so I worked on roughing in a few of my other shots.  I roughed in ET 020, ILT 030, and I spent a lot of time on ILT 010, and EAC 070.  Animating has been rough this week though.  I spent so many hours tweaking and tweaking and ended up filming more reference cause I couldn’t get my characters to do exactly what I wanted them to do.  I think i’m finally on the right track though.

Hours: 32 hours

What I plan to get done next week:

I’ve got six shots left that need a rough polish before I can go back and start polishing so I’m going to get half of them done by next week and the other half of them done by finals week.  So I’m right on track 🙂