Team Progress Summary: 3/1/2015



This week was a struggle due to nearly every member of the team getting a cold, flu, fever and/or migraine. We didn’t meet this week because everybody was sick, but we still managed to get a nice amount of work done. Much of this week was spent planning for the URBN Center Lobby wall, with Ethan, Josh and Dave creating assets to hang up. Those will go up tomorrow as soon as they’re finished rendering.

This week was also spent polishing up animation, working with the environments and planning for our end of term presentation. Despite numerous technical challenges (such as Josh’s never-ending battle with xgen and Anthony having to rig 30 tentacles and 40 eyeballs), we’re still confident that we’re going to finish up everything we need!

Animation is going well too, with Gabe, Dave and Pat continuing to spend countless hours blocking and polishing shots. We’re concentrating on the shots we need for the end of term trailer, but we’re still going to finish up a round of polish everything by the end of the quarter. Ethan was able to block in the exterior airplane scenes, and we’re finally closing in the storyboard gaps in the animatic. The shoggoth is just about done being rigged, so we’ll soon be ready to animate everything we need for the trailer!

As all the environemtns and shots are finally put into place, we’ll be working on the comps for everything and piecing the show together one step at a time. We’re going to have to work tirelessly until the very end, but we’re still on track to finish within our schedule.

Check out our Trello board for more information!