3-8-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Finish refinement of my sprint two shot
  • Add the tentacle to the appropriate sprint one shots

What happened: 

  • After spending a few hours Monday and Tuesday running in circles around the never open print center (we now know about the online print submission, heh) I unexpectedly had to spend my entire Wednesday at URBN scrambling to get our wall display up. It started at the meeting, redesigning the display to accommodate for renders that we didn’t think would be done on time. Josh came in and helped for a large portion of it, as did Val, Ethan, and Pat while they could in the morning. Eventually I got everything printed and hung, but losing the entire day caused a domino effect of delays for me. (11 hours total)IMAG0504
  • I worked on cleaning up animation, with a particular emphasis on the trailer shots. I added the tentacle into IT310, and finished the animation for all of my cave shots. The trench shots are almost done, while my only airplane shot still needs some love. (14 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Keep refining animation (both sprints)

Total Hours: 25