4-5-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Model the spooky statue
  • Continue animating and polishing my shots to meet the goal of finishing by the end of the term.

What happened: 

  • This break has been a very productive one. I was able to get every one of my shots into a state of  rough animation. Now I can start iterating on each shot to hopefully improve them in the time remaining. (35 Hours)
  • I also managed to get the first statue modeled and in maya. I am happy with how it came out, and  working on this was a ton of fun. (5 Hours)


  • This week, along with some work on the statue, I have been addressing the critique that I received on several of my shots. Sadly, due to coming home for easter, I have been unable to tweak all my shots, but I heavily revamped all the interior airplane shots and I’m currently working on finishing the rest. (9 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Finish the spooky statue with textures and detailed base
  • Address all the week 1 crit and get started on the week 2 critique.