4/5 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I Planned to do this week

Move forward with polishing animation.

What I got done this week:

I was able to take two more shots from super rough to a polished state with facial animation.  ELC 020 and 030 are ready for one more look from the team for crit and one more round of polish before they will be ready to render.  I’m also currently in the process of redoing a couple shots because I’m unhappy with the initial result .  I also took some time to pose a shoggoth tentacle for a poster.  That took longer than expected because I ended up having to directly tweak the model because I couldn’t get it in the shape I wanted with just the rig.  Other than that I’ve planned out what I need to get done each week to stay on track and so far I’m on schedule.

What I plan to do next week:

This week I’ll be working on our interior tent scene.  I have three shots in this scene that I’ll have polished for next week’s crit.  I’ll also try and make some tweaks to last week’s shots.

Hours: 17