Team Progress Summary: 4/12/2015


This week, several members of Team Spooky came down with another bout of the plague. It was Sick Week: Part 2, and we ended up falling behind on Environment work. Nick was understanding and let us recover instead of meeting, so next week we intend to kick this project’s butt and make some solid progress to catch up!

Animation polishing is coming along, and we’re well on our way to finishing the animation. It’s going to be tough and we’ll be working up until the very end, but we’re still confident and optimistic. The biggest hurdle in our path this week has proven to be the render farm, which is still acting erratically. Oftentimes on the same farm machine, render times will fluctuate between 8 hours and 18 minutes on almost identical frames. It should go without saying that we need the farm to be stable in order to finish our project on time. Both our team and Jura have been in near constant communication with Jay about it, and this week we plan on meeting in person to talk about the farm.

Other than that, Anthony and Pat have made some awesome progress with environmental asset modeling, our characters are finally updated, and the new renders are kicking out passes that will allow for greater flexibility in the comps.

We’ve had our sick week, and now we’re officially at the point in the project where we can spare no more mess-ups or illness. This week is going to be tough, but look forward to some awesome visuals in our next PPJs!