4-19-PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for this week: 

  • Polished compositing for all rendered shots (BUT ACTUALLY, THOUGH)
  • Get shirts printed
  • Wrangle timelines

What happened: 

I realize that I’m going about this the wrong way.

For the past three weeks, my main goal has been to get our compositing up to speed. We have a master comp for our Interior Tower scene (IT140) that’s up to date and a workable version for our Exterior Mountain Pass shots, but without the most recent renders I have no way of translating this work over to the OTHER shots. The old renders are missing render passes that have proven vital for the master comp, and there’s no point in trying to replicate that look with outdated and missing assets. It’s a waste of time, and I have better things to do.

So, until our Sprint 1 deliverables are re-rendered, I’m putting a freeze on compositing. All of my efforts for the time being will be focused on cracking down on scheduling and assisting with textures and asset creation for our environments. I’m tired of beating a dead farm, so I’m reappropriating myself to environment team. After the animation is done and rendering, everyone’s’ bandwidth will be free and I’ll be able to delegate compositing to the whole team.

I spent my time this week being a pain in the butt and pushing hard deadlines, redoing our Trello and schedule, assigning tasks, designing a logo and taking t-shirt orders, taking notes at critique meetings, and doing producer-ly duties.


Hours: 14

Next week: 

  • Texture assets
  • Be mean about deadlines
  • Prepare presentation for final project check-in