Team Progress Summary: 4/19/2015


Team Spooky back with another status report! We’re chugging along towards the final delivery date and making steady progress. There are no more storyboards allowed in our edit, and we’re excited to be wrapping up environment modeling this week!

We’ve all finally rebounded from our various illnesses and are working full steam ahead. We have a final environment geometry deadline this upcoming Friday on 4/24, so next week you can expect to see our characters interacting with real objects! Our character animation deadline is 4/26, and even at this state we’re very happy with the state of our shots. The weekly critique sessions with Dave are definitely paying off.

For our Final project delivery, we intend to show renders and comps for each of our environments, a playblasted version of the animation, and a schedule for finishing it all on time. As always, the biggest hurdle standing in our way is the inconsistency of the render farm, but we’ve been constantly bothering Westphal IT to track down all the errors and get it reliable again. As of right now, the render farm is *mostly* working… but Josh knows all the details on that end. If the farm keeps up the good work, we should have no problem getting it done on time!