10-26-PPJ David Maguire

This has been one heck of a week! We locked down our script, made tremendous headway on our storyboards, and the plan is to be animating by Wednesday! I spent a total of 25 hours this week, a lot of it in meetings but the majority of it spent on storyboards. Next week will be focused on beginning the animation and finishing a couple of assets.

Script Meeting

  • Summary: Met with the entire team (except Anthony) and went through the script line by line until we all agreed on the best way to tackle everything, and decided that this was the final script (discounting some possible cosmetic changes).
  • Positive Stuff: The script is done! This means that we can roll on storyboards and begin principle animation by Wednesday!
  • Problems / issues: NOTHING! LIFE IS PERFECT!
  • Hours: 3

Storyboard Meeting


  • Summary: Met with Val and Gabe, and together we thumbnailed the entire script’s storyboards and solved all sorts of cinematic problems. Gabe and Val agreed to add value to the boards for me, allowing me to crank them out faster.
  • Positive Stuff: We had a pretty unified vision, so we seem to all be on the same page moving forward, have a clear outline for how the shots should look
  • Problems / issues: Not many other than the amount of work that was still to be done after the meeting.
  • Hours: 2

nCloth Tests

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.57.55 AM

  • Summary: Anthony asked everyone who was taking Adv. Animation to use the nCloth assignment as a test for clothing, so I animated a pair of legs walking and simmed nCloth pants.
  • Positive Stuff: nCloth certainly seems fairly powerful and straightforward to use, I was able to get it fairly operational
  • Problems / issues: It’s going to take some practice to accurately sim the proper material, I need to figure out how to have more control over the sim (Jeremy had some great feedback to that end). I’m going to be doing another one this week trying some new things to deal with these issues.
  • Hours: 4


pot_board hand_board

  • Summary: Started cranking out linework for the storyboards and then passing them on to Gabe for a value treatment
  • Positive Stuff: Got a LOT done, some are of pretty good quality, those that aren’t are at least very clear
  • Problems / issues: Still more to do. Gonna be a busy week.
  • Hours: 16


  1. Finish storyboards
  2. nCloth tests
  3. Begin blocking the animation
  4. Sculpt hair