10-26-PPJ Anthony Meyers

For this week I rigged more, and practiced n-cloth.

third one Two


  • Summary. Well rigging had its ups and downs this week. Danforths file crashed on me again which meant I had to re rig a lot of the upper body. But doing it for the third time was much faster than the second and first time.  From there I started building the proxy rig for Danforth. Once again Danforths file crashed on me multiple times. Luckily I saved often. I gave the file to the animators to see if they could crash the file. None of them had a crash. I am not sure what exactly is going on, i might just re install maya to see if it will fix the issue. The proxy rig geo was finished for danforth.  I currently am working on dyers proxy rig  as I write this post.  Aside from crashes I spent some time on getting the hierarchy to work with my Fk and Ik arms. As well I cleaned up the my file names/ structure for my own sanity.
  • Pros. The animators can start animating. Unless they break the rig.
  • Cons. The weird issue with dyers file constantly crashing. Also that fixing the issue most likely is a simple issue.

Hours: 14



  • I worked on cloth for awhile. I started with testing marvelous designer. It is a great program for layout and design of cloth. I could not get any good results when trying to bake a cloth animation out of marvelous. For sake of time it might not be worth looking into a solution for baking cloth from marvelous. I was going to attempt cloth animation for characters, but before I attempted it I talked to Dan Bodenstein. He explained to me that there is no point to do cloth for characters in Houdini and I should stick with ncloth for clothing simulations. At first ncloth was really hard to get a hold of but over time I understood it to point. It is a lot of trial and error. In the end I was able to get marginally alright results.
  • Pro. I learned a lot about N-cloth in a short period of time. I found it to be a lot more powerful than I thought. Everyone this week practiced n-cloth.
  • Cons. Ncloth is hard. Cloth exploded a lot. Cloth exploding then maya crashing. Maya crashing.

Hours: 16

six seven


Upcoming task:

Rig more.

Various simulation testing.

Continue learning Houdini.