10-27- PPJ- Ehan Miller

We did it! We finally nailed down the script after another large meeting. This is great news and it means that  I can finally dig my teeth into the animatic again, especially now that storyboards are rolling out This next week is going to be a busy one in terms of redoing the animatic and recording audio treatments with Gabe. I spent most of my time working on the script and talking to the actors. I’ve been going over the script revisions and motivation changes with the actors and with this next audio treatment I’ll be able to iron out the performance before we meet.

Script Revisions

  • Summary- Worked with Val to write another draft of script, met with group to iron out dialogue and finalize lines.
  • Pros- Script is locked down, now the real work can begin
  • Cons- I‘m going to have to re-record the audio, which I’m actually looking forward to

Hours Spent – 5

Coordinating Actors

  • Summary – Skyped and met with actors, discussed next round of revisions and character adjustments
  • Pros- Actors understand new motivations and will have time to prepare new performances.
  • Cons- I’m slightly worried that some actors may have trouble adjusting their performances, but at the same time they’re both capable performers and I’m comfortable in the director’s seat.

Hours Spent- 2

Total Hours Spent- 7

Next Week

  • Discuss audio with Gabe, record treatment
  • Recut Animatic
  • Implement Audio
  • Begin blocking in more detailed layout with cameras
  • Finalize recording date

Note- I had an off week as I was hit with a nasty stomach bug on tuesday that ran throughout the week and knocked me out of combination. That in combination with my current primary focus (the animatic) suffering from the script chokehold has brought down my numbers this week. I plan on spending a great deal more time next week and will have a first rough cut of the animatic with as many storyboards are completed  by the end of the week and thumbnails of the rest including a rough audio treatment.