11-9-PPJ Anthony Meyers

This week I started working on the weights for dyer. I was not able to work as much this week because I had some issues at home to deal with.


Summary: I spent a lot of time painting the weights for dyer and did not get too far. The tight edge loops around the legs is giving me trouble to get good deformations out of the legs. I was going to make corrective blendshapes, but I want some what good deformations for making the blendshapes. After awhile I got something working with dyer.

Pros: Nothing at the moment

Cons: The weight painting was not working well

Hours: 7

leg legs edgeloops

Houdini Clouds

Summary: I was able to make clouds in Houdini. They seem like they will be a good option for some of the shots in the animation.

Pros: The clouds look really good.

Cons: Long render times.

Hours: 4


Upcoming tasks

Painting weights.