12-1-2014 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week I’ve been focusing on taking our animatic to the next level for the presentation and I took several steps to achieve this. I legally obtained a copy of the Hollywood Edge Premier sound FX package and with it I’ve been able to sling in all of the sound effects needed to give our animatic that extra air of believability. In addition, I met with Special FX Editor Brian Baker of Dive over lunch to get a last round of comments and crits on our shot order and timing.


Summary- This week I went through our animation and began filling in all of the sound effects and sound scapes to round out the score for our latest version of the animatic as well as balancing all of the sound levels. Further work will include remastering individual sounds to fit the environment they’re in as well as simulating radio transmissions

Pros- The Sound scape really rounds out the animation and gives it that extra air of believability.

Cons- Still need to simulate environmental effects on voices and certain sound FX.

Hours Spent – 8


Summary- I retooled the timing of and shot order of our Animatic after meeting with Brian Baker and getting his feedback. I redrew several storyboards to fit the changes and went through several rounds of revisions

Pros- This cut is muuuuch tighter and with the audio I’ve been able to really get maximum punch from our Animatic

Cons- I’d like to animate the boards a bit more, so I may play around with more After Effects before calling it finished

Hours Spent- 4

Total Hours-  12