11-18-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

This week, was a week of gathering and planning. We went over multiple changes to our animatic and got everything organized so things should go more smoothly in the future.


Summary: We got together and talked about some changes to the animatic and some camera movements. We also met on a different day and recorded some new reference to fill in the gaps of what we already had.

Pros: We now are happy with the tent scene and the reference we have.

Cons: This took away from the time that could have been spent working on the animation.

Hours: 3


Summary: I have replayblasted all my shots so now they fit cohesively in the animatic. I also trimmed all the reference so it will play well with my shots. I had an odd issue with one of the environments in that the floor was all messed up upon import, so I had to address that, which caused me to lose several hours. I also got the reference for some shots I had been missing and I blocked in the basics of those shots.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.06.56 PM

Pros: I am starting to spline some shots into a more smoothed look.

Cons: The floor of the tower caused me to lose a chunk of time, and a large portion of the last few days was just setting the scenes up to playblast well.

Hours: 14

Moving forward

1. Begin smoothing out the animations in the tower scene

2. Finish the shoggoth base mesh