1-18 Gabriel Valdivia PPJ

This week was crazy productive!


Summary:  This was probably the first week I really sat down and created a lot of animation.  I finished blocking a few shots for the tower and jumped right into smoothing it out.  I was able to rough in about 5 shots which was about 23ish seconds of animation.  I also shot some reference for a couple shots with Pat and Dave and then cut my references so they could be added to the animatic.

Pros: I didn’t expect to be able to start splining this week so that was great!

Cons: Facial rigs were still being polished so I couldn’t start facial animation, but they will be done within the next day or two!

Hours: 17

animation01 animation02

Misc (rigs, meetings, and storyboards)

Summary:  On top of animation we have figured out a solution to the problems with the first part of our story.  Dave and I figured out storyboards before calling the group together for the final decision.  I’ve also been in contact with Anthony all week so we can make sure the facial rigs get done soon.

Pros: The restructuring we did of our story really works well and will cut out some animation work which will definitely help us!  Rigs are almost finished.

Cons: n/a

Hours: 5