1-18-PPJ Josh Hollander

I’ve begun detailing the temple interior for our first sprint, focusing on the floor first so our animators can correct any clipping issues.  I’ll be modeling the rest of the scene during the day off tomorrow.

Temple Interior


  • Summary: I’ve started detailing the Temple interior.  First thing to do was update the floors, which proved surprisingly painless.  Simple extrusions and bevels, with Randomness set between .5 and 1, gave me the look I was going for and allowed easy adjustment.  I ran into a few odd problems, but nothing that proved un-fixable.  I also spent a while prepping the walls and domed ceiling for detailing, and worked out how to tackle those.
  • Positives: Everything went better than expected; I learned a lot about how to model stones or tiles from a plane quickly and modularly, which will make detailing the walls and ceiling much easier.
  • Negatives: For some reason, the floor mesh doesn’t load properly for one of our animators (I’m lookin’ at you, Pat).  We’ve figured out a work-around, but we need to get to the bottom of this so it doesn’t come back to bite us.
  • Hours: 10


  1. Finish modeling temple interior (Monday)
  2. Confirm that the Renderfarm is working properly, and if so finally finalize our project hierarchy
  3. Lighting and Shaders and stuff