1-25-PPJ David Maguire

Good, solid week of animating. Was able to take some feedback from Nick and the team regarding some of the acting decisions in two of my shots, and they’re looking sweet! Also met with Ethan, Pat, and Val to hash out the minutiae of shot timing and some editing things.


  • Summary: Animated a lot. Got two scenes through splining (the two most acting heavy) including one whole round of revisions, and got tight blocking on the other shots. I’m currently working on the facial animation.
  • Positives: Everything’s going well and the new facial rigs are awesome!
  • Negatives: OH MY GOSH TIME CRUNCH (but I’m confident we’re fine)
  • Hours: 28

Editing Meeting

  • Summary: Figured out some editing things with Ethan, Pat, and Val regarding the the timing of specific shots, so we now have our shot lengths locked down permanently! With this comes locked down audio tracks for lip-syncing, so yay! Also tweaked the storyboards to reflect some edits.
  • Positives: Animatic looked nice and I think Nick liked everything!
  • Negatives: Nah
  • Hours: 1.5