2-2-PPJ Josh Hollander

I spent the week working with Val to create textures and shaders for the Temple.  I also experimented with using multiple UV sets in Maya to paint in snow drifts near the doorways, an effect that added very little time to our renders but adds a lot of atmosphere!  I also worked on character shaders and binding their clothing with Val and Anthony.

Shading and Texturing (Temple Edition!)


  • Summary: I worked on setting up a variety of shaders that both look good and don’t add much to our render times.  I also unwrapped the walls and floor of the Temple and tweaked the UVs to add visual variety.
  • Positives: We got some really sexy shaders in place while maintaining fast render times!  Right now I’m getting 7.5min / frame at 1920×1080 and a low noise threshold, which is way better than I was expecting!  There are still more shaders to implement, but if this trend continues render times shouldn’t be too much of an issue, at least on the environment side of things.
  • Negatives: Still have a lot of ground to cover before this scene is ready to be rendered.  I think that I’m on track to have it ready by next weekend, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.
  • Hours: 20ish?  I dunno, I’ve stopped counting.

Shading and Texturing (People Edition!)


  • Summary: I finalized our fuzzy fur hat/coat lining shader this week!  I had to scrap all my old work and started from scratch with a new displacement map and material.  Thankfully, it paid off!
  • Positives: I’m finally done with this fur shader!  Hooray!  But seriously, it’s great to be able to check this off my list after working on it for so long.  It also renders quickly and looks pretty nice!
  • Negatives: Nada
  • Hours: 10


  1. Finish up the Temple and get ready to render!