2-15-15 Ethan Miller PPJ

What I Said I’d Do

-Narrow shots, begin to recut trailer

-Touchup Airplane Exterior and UV

-Model Plane Interior, UV

What I did

This week I focused primarily on modeling as well as consulting with our Composer to better block out our teaser audio and will be spending the majority of Monday and Tuesday wrapping up the plane interior!

Summary: Due to some file corruption I need to reshape the nosecone of the plane as well as the tail rudder, but otherwise it’s finished. Anthony will have the finished model along with UV’s by Tuesday!

Positives; Plane should be super easy to rig and prepare! Also looks good from a distance and holds up under closer inspection due to additional modeled bolts and panels.

Negatives: Running a little behind due to the holiday weekend and the need to catch up with other classes.

Hours Spent: 7

Airplane Interior

Summary: Plane interior is being touched up focusing on modeling the dashboard first with additional compasses, switches, gauges, and other mechanical addons. Needed to reshape cabin slightly to fit revised exterior, won’t effect shot placement though so Pat’s airplane shots should be good as is.

Positives: Starting to look nice and steam punky while still retaining historical look and feel.

Negatives:  Slightly behind due to holiday weekend, will have updated models for Wednesday.

Hours Spent: 6


Summary: So I really loved the sound and the build of the Prometheus trailer and I’ve been consulting with our composer to find a sound that’s similar while capping it at 30 seconds.

Hours Spent: 2

What I’m doing this week-

-Blocking Out Aerial Shots

-Recutting Teaser

-Begin texturing Plane

-Remodel Lake’s camp after consulting with Dave and Gabe to fit new sequence.