2-15-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week, my goal was to have shots from Sprint 1 stable and rendering on the farm.  The farm’s been busy since Thursday, and about 60% of our shots have already finished rendering!



  • Summary:  I worked on getting our shots rendering consistently and quickly on the farm.  Aside from a few hiccups (I maaaay have left a box called “Don’t Render Final Image” checked for the first few shots) everything ran like a dream.  I only wish we had more computers available; the most I ever saw running at once was 5 (total of 10 instances max).
  • Positives: Aside from the obvious, now that I’ve got a stable rendering pipeline locked down submitting shots for our subsequent sprints should be a piece of cake.  I’ve done a lot of trouble-shooting for this first batch of shots that will carry over to the rest.
  • Negatives: We’ll be rerendering our characters at least once, but we knew that going in.  They render fairly quickly, anyway, so it’s not a huge concern.
  • Hours: 30-40


  1. Detail the scenes for Sprint 2 (trench, cave)
  2. Re-render shots from Sprint 1 as needed
  3. Detail city buildings, pray xGen behaves itself