2-22-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week I set out to begin detailing our cave and trench scenes, possibly rerender our characters from Sprint 1, and begin work on the city.  I ended up spending a few days repairing our city scatter file, which somehow got corrupted in the past month and wouldn’t save any changes, and working on shaders with Val for the Shoggoth and our updated characters.  I also worked with Ethan to draft a design and layout for our Senior Project display, which will hang in the lobby of the URBN center on campus.

City Scatter

I’m really surprised that this needed any fixing, since everything was working wonderfully the last time I saved this file.  Sadly, I lost several days to troubleshooting the city scatter, though it appears to be stable once again.  Fingers crossed, it won’t break at all when we plug in our detailed buildings.

Hours: 14

Shader Work

I spent some time this week working with Val to revise our main characters, as well as create suitably horrifying and alien shaders for our big bad monster, the Shoggoth.

Hours: 8

URBN Lobby Decoration

I worked with Ethan this week on drafting our design for a patch of wall in the URBN Center’s Lobby, advertising our animation.  We got our draft to a good point and are eager to move forward with it, replacing wireframes with actual artwork and eventually seeing it displayed in our art building’s lobby!

Hours: 6