Team Progress Summary: 2/22/2015

[placeholder]winterGantt_week07 winterTrello_week07


Steady progress was made again this week! Sprint 2 is well underway, and all of our shots are being blocked and polished. The shoggoth has been textured and is in the process of being rigged and shaded, Dyer’s clothing has been redone, and Sprint 2 environments are well underway. Sprint 1 has been completely rendered, and we have a final list of EOT deliverables and assets for our presentation. The teaser’s looking great, and we’re still confident that we can stick to our newly accelerated animation schedule!

Josh and Ethan have also been planning out the wall for the URBN center lobby, and it’s looking great! Danforth’s pose for the senior show poster is looking awesome so far.

Check out our Trello board for more information!