3-1-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Spline the rest of my shots for this sprint (EAC050, ET10)
  • Put the shoggoth arm into one of the interior temple scenes to stress test the rig

What happened: 

  • I went through and have now splined both of these shots and I am ready to move on to animating faces. I had more trouble than I was expecting with ET10, but I still managed to get it ready for more advanced work. (6 Hours)
  • I have the shoggoth arm in IT260, but I am running into the interesting issue of scale. The size of the tentacle is so large, a lot of the movement runs out of frame. I am getting it down to movements that will fit in the shot, but I am still learning the rig and need to spend more time on it. (5 Hours)

Next Week: 

  • Start animating faces – get the faces for IA010-040 finished and adjust any errors
  • Finish the shot with the shoggoth tentacle