3-8-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Start animating faces – get the faces for IA010-040 finished and adjust any errors
  • Finish the shot with the shoggoth tentacle

What happened: 

  • Due to some shots missing from our upcoming trailer, we all went into the week with the goal of getting every shot in this finished as soon as possible. I started this with adding the shoggoth to IT290, but I couldn’t spend the time on it I wanted to, so the animation is still rough, but it works for this week (3 Hours)
  • A surprisingly demanding task I got this week was making the piles of arms and legs for the interior of lake’s tent. We needed them for the inserts in particular, so a still frame was needed. I got them finished, and I tried to do it in a way that would make it easy to make work in the future, which meant more planning up front. But, they are complete (for now)! (7 Hours)


    Gross (The background will be comped out)

  • I also spent some time working on some of the interior airplane shots. I added facial animation to IA030 for the trailer, but it was pulled due to the airplane interior not feasibly being done by this week. I then went on to IAE030, as this shot is going to require a lot of work, as it is the moment Danforth truly loses his mind. I am having a lot of fun maxing out the sliders to get him to really show his agony. (7 Hours)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.08.28 AM

Next Week: 

  • Model the spooky statue
  • Continue animating and polishing my shots to meet the goal of finishing by the end of the term.