3/9 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week was all about the trailer. I worked on finalizing the textures for the airplane for the teaser shots. I also finished positioning the mountain pass scenes before passing them off to Josh as well as positioning cameras and experimenting with the lighting. I also recut the trailer, worked with our composer to nail the sound and theme of our score. Lastly, I roughed in our motion graphics sequence and created a few samples of Shoggoth Sound Design.

Airplane – 

I had to fix a lot of problems with the model, but after redoing, re-uving and retexturing twice, I’m happy with the state of both the models and it’s textures.

Pros- Looks good enough for the teaser shots

Cons- Need to add more fidelity for close up shots

Hours Spent – 9

Mountain Pass

Between positioning, experimenting with lighting and iterating I brought the mountain scenes to a passable state before handing them off to Josh for final cleanup.

Pros- Was able to experiment with camera movements and lighting

Cons- None

Hours Spent – 6


Recut the teaser, redid the audio and sound-scape, and worked with our composer to implement our own score as well as experimenting with Shoggoth sounds.

Pros- Teaser is going to be sexy as hell.

Cons- None.

Hours Spent -10

Teaser Score – http://dreamscapemusic.com/clients/Ethan/Mountains_Of_Madness/Teaser_Stuff/MM_Teaser_Score_with_leveling.wav