3/9 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I planned to get done:

I planned to continue chugging along at animating my shots.

What happened this week:


Our team hit crisis mode because we had to get our wall put up in the URBN center lobby on Monday but on three different attempts the print center was closed so we ended up getting in some trouble.  I was also unfortunately busy during my team’s complete panic about the wall (which I feel bad about) but everyone pulled through and got stuff printed and put up.  What I ended up helping with this week was getting some stuff ready for our presentation on tuesday.  I animated a turntable for our shoggoth monster.  It’s tentacles move and flail while it’s body looks like it’s breathing.  I also threw together a couple reaction shots of our characters for our trailer.  Nothing fancy, just 24 frames of them gasping.



Next week:


Total Hours: 16