3/9 PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for this week:

  • Presentation finalization
  • Presentation material rendering
  • Trailer compositing!

What happened: 

  • This week started out with a manic frenzy to get all of our posters up on the wall in the URBN Center lobby. The print center was closed every time we checked over the weekend, and having never used the center before we didn’t know that we could send jobs in online. I made two posters for the wall, a Shoggoth cut-out and the title over the mountains. (6 hrs)IMAG0504
  • I’m currently working on finalizing the presentation. It’ll be ready for Tuesday for sure! (3 hrs, in progress)
  • I also worked on sculpting the fossils and wall textures for the Interior Cave shots. This one was SUPER fun, as I’m a huge paleontology nerd and loved populating a wall with what basically amounts to the fossil bed of my dreams. Plus it fits with Lovecraft’s description! However, I was very sad pulverizing that mosasaur skull to make room for the Lovecraftian symbol. (8 hrs)
  • fossils
  • I’m also finishing up round #1 of compositing for the Interior Tower shots! As soon as the mountains are done rendering I’ll composite the rest of the trailer shots together, too. Everything’s going well so far, though I need to add light bleed still. Note to self — ask about stock footage of dust / atmospheric effects, and matte passes on Wednesday. (8 hrs)
  • 11051460_10153190509645559_1047195240_n

Next Week: 

  • Survive end-of-term crit, sleep forever
  • Finish compositing shots
  • Revisit characters / environment textures as needed

Total Hours: 25