3/9 PPJ Josh Hollander

Covering the last two weeks, I set out to create assets for our display in the URBN Center’s lobby and work on environments, renders, and comps for our end-of-term presentation.  I completed my assets for the URBN display, and most of my work for the presentation, though because of a 4-day fight with the flu that got set back a bit.

URBN Lobby


  • Summary:  I made this period-style movie poster to display on our patch of wall in the URBN Center lobby.  The visual style is based off of late art nouveau and early art deco, and we were able to have it printed full-size! (27″x41″)
  • Positives:  I’m really happy with how it turned out, and it was a nice break from all the CG work I’ve been doing.
  • Negatives:  None
  • Hours: 10

Shoggy Shaders


  • Summary:  I continued work on shading our Shoggoth, the extra-dimensional monster that appears near the end of our animation, and drives our characters to insanity.  It’s shaded using a combination of painted and procedural textures, as well as displacement maps.  That cube in front of it is 2.5m^3; this thing is the size of a city block.
  • Positives:  I learned a lot about making believable other-worldly shaders.
  • Negatives:  Na much.
  • Hours:  16

Presentation Prep

  • Summary:  I’ve been frantically touching up scenes and rendering them for our teaser trailer.  It’s been hell, but they’re coming together!
  • Positives:  All this work now is just less work later.  It should give me loads of time to properly polish all of these scenes and comps.
  • Negatives:  There’s a few z’s I need to catch up on.
  • Hours:  I don’t want to estimate this, it’s gonna be sad/terrifying